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Though most, if not all, fans of the Washington Capitals consider Alex Ovechkin the most talented player on the team, a case could certainly be made from this slick sniping countryman of Ovie's.

Yes, Semin, like Nicklas Backstrom, lives in the enormous shadow of Alex Ovechkin, not only in Washington, but also on the Russian national team. However, when one looks at the skill set this tremendously talented winger possesses one is hard-pressed to see where he is inferior to Ovechkin. His wrist shot is absolutely lethal, and goalies in many cases don't even flinch when Semin whips a shot into the top corner. He is an underrated stick-handler, and gets himself on the highlight reel on a regular basis beating even the NHL's most seasoned defenders one on one. And, because of the combination of his wicked shot and his stick-handling ability, defenders tend to overplay him, giving his teammates time and space.

Over the past 3 seasons, Semin has scored at a prolific rate, averaging better than a point a game and at age 26 he is likely still improving. Look for Alex Semin Winter Classic jerseys to fly off the shelves leading up to the January 1st game at Heinz Field.