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More About Jaromir Jagr Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys
Though more than a few hockey fans around the globe might express concern about the heart of Jaromir Jagr, only a fool would dispute his incredible talent. In his prime Jaromir Jagr was one of the most dynamic, electric players the game had ever seen. He was such a brilliant stickhandler that even Mario Lemieux - perhaps the most skilled man ever to pick up a hockey stick - was often left shaking his head in wonder at Jagr's on-ice craftiness. However, the period I am referring to was in the 1990s, and at age 39 and several years removed from NHL hockey, Jagr's best before date might have already expired.

Clearly the Philadelphia Flyers do not think so as they signed Jagr to a lucrative one year, $3.3 million contract. This amount certainly pales in comparison to the money Jagr commanded in years past, but considering his age it is certainly a princely sum and represents a big risk for the Philadelphia Flyers.

To be fair, Jagr hasn't spent his time away from the NHL sitting on a beach drinking Budvar. He has continued to ply his trade in Russia's KHL, a professional league boasting a very high - though not NHL-caliber - level of play. NHL scouts and general managers have been watching Jagr's performance closely to see if attempting to lure him back to North American shores was a worthwhile endeavor.

Obviously it is too early to say one way or another. Even in his prime Jagr wasn't know as a player who gave it 100% day in and day out. Still, his 1,599 career points bespeak his tremendous talent, and with a couple of Stanley Cup rings on his fingers he has valuable experience that Philadelphia's young stars like James Van Riemsdyk, Claude Giroux and perhaps Brayden Schenn can draw upon.

If nothing else the Jagr experiment will provide plenty of fodder for discussion among Philadelphia Flyers fans and throughout the league. Love him or hate him he certainly is an interesting character and even if he doesn't come close to hitting the numbers he posted while in his heyday with the Penguins you can bet he will hit the highlight reel on more than one occasion this season. One has to wonder if longtime Philly fans will be able to stomach pulling on a Jaromir Jagrs Flyers jersey considering how long he toiled with their bitter rivals from Pittsburgh.