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More About Erik Cole Montreal Canadiens Jerseys
The Montreal Canadiens are a fast, skilled team, but if their is one glaring problem with their overall game it is that they are too small up front.

Going into this year's NHL free agent feeding frenzy team management were looking to address that issue. Unfortunately big, physical forwards able to play a fast game and put the puck in the net regularly aren't exactly a common breed. Montreal's choices were limited and in the end Erik Cole - formerly of the Carolina Hurricanes - was the best fit.

For years Cole has made his living using his speed and his size to drive hard to the net. He isn't afraid to get his nose dirty in order to get to loose pucks and should compliment players like Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta and Mike Cammalleri nicely.

Though his statistics aren't overwhelming - 281 points since the 2004-05 NHL lockout - they are respectable, and team management and fans alike will be happy if he can manage to duplicate the 26 points and 52 points he scored last season.

He does turn 33 this season, so a four year deal at $4.5 mil a year might seem a tad steep, but as mentioned above this type of power forward isn't easy to find, and the Habs' need and the current market conditions dictated the price tag.

For Cole's sake hopefully he is up to the task as Montreal fans are merciless, and if he doesn't score on a regular basis right from day one it won't take long for the boo birds to start riding him. However, as fickle as they are, the fans of Montreal aren't shy about heaping adulation upon those players who meet their high demands for excellence. As a visiting player Erik Cole has always played well against the Habs, if he can do the same as a member of the team looking for Erik Cole Canadiens jerseys to be in full evidence throughout the streets of Montreal next season.