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Wayne Gretzky cast an enormous shadow over his teammates throughout his NHL career. Mark Messier labored in that shadow for years with the Oilers, his accomplishments all but ignored until Gretzky moved on to join the L.A. Kings. The greatest evidence of this was in the 1988-89 season. Gretzky, in his first season with the Kings, stole the spotlight away from one of the greatest individual seasons in NHL history. That year Bernie Nicholls scored an eye-popping 70 goals, and racked up an equally impressive 150 points. Yet, despite those historical totals it was Gretzky that got all the press.

That seemed to be the way of things for poor Bernie Nicholls. Much like Rodney Dangerfield he never seemed to get any respect. Nicholls would eventually move on from Los Angeles but continued to be a dangerous scorer year after year, and when the curtain finally dropped on his magnificent career he'd finished with 475 goals, 1,209 points, and was one of only 5 players in NHL history to score 150 points in a single season.