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2012 Sean Avery Winter Classic Jersey

Who says a leopard can't change his spots? At the beginning of this year it seemed like we might have seen the last of Sean Avery in an NHL uniform. With a plethora of controversial incidents in his past and a reported personality conflict with Rangers' bench boss John Tortorella it seemed like Avery might languish in the AHL for the rest of his hockey-playing days. However, the hockey gods saw fit to give Avery one more chance. Injuries to key personnel early in the season had the Rangers scrambling for options and Avery was the beneficiary, clearing re-entry waivers to rejoin the Rangers.

Avery, like fellow superpest Matt Cooke, seems to be playing a much more disciplined game this season, and though he might still be prone to causing a stir on the ice, he isn't causing distractions for his team, a trait that landed him in Tortorella's bad books in seasons past. He has had an impact in a 4th line role, creating energy for his team and chipping in with the occasional goal.

Though there are many throughout the league who despise him Avery also has more than his fair share of admiring fans as well. Look for the crowd to be liberally peppered with New York fans wearing a Sean Avery Winter Classic jersey this January 2nd.