Vaughn Goalie Pads

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Over the past few years Vaughn has surged to the forefront in goalie equipment manufacture. Vaughn goalie pads are widely recognized as some of the best quality pads, offering incredible protection in a lightweight package. Their pads are extremely well-made and durable, and are quick and easy to break in. Vaughn pads use an extra high density foam in the outside rolls that allows the pads to flex easily while offering bonuses like great puck deflection and good pad stability.

A great deal of thought has obviously gone into the engineering of Vaughn’s pads, right down to the inner toe design that allows more of the skate blade to contact the ice to give the goalie increased power and speed when trying to move quickly across the ice.

Their pads come in a variety of flavors including their flashship VPG 7500 Veocity 3 and VPG 8800 Epic models. Other Velocity models include the 7100, 7200, 7300 and 7400, while the Epic 8400 and 8600 models are also available. Sizes range depending on the model, but the 7500 Velocity 3 and 8800 Epic models have the most options with 32″+1″, 33″+1″, 34″+1″, 35″+1″, 36″+1″, 37″+1″, 38″ and custom sizes all available to choose from.