Okay, so truthfully this might not be a list of the top 10 NHL hockey fights of all time, just the top 10 hockey fights I could find videos of. Really, there wouldn’t be much point without the video footage. Only the most diehard hockey historians would want to read descriptions of the top 10 NHL hockey fights. I always do my best to make my descriptions as vivid and detailed as possible, but hockey fights are just something that have to be seen to be appreciated.

Some of these scraps you will have already seen on the highlight reel over the years, but hopefully each viewer finds one or two gems among this collection that they hadn’t seen before. Feel free to post a link to any other classic fight video in the comments. Here are my picks for the top 10 NHL hockey fight videos:

10 – Mel Bridgeman vs. Bob Nystrom – Not the best footage of this classic tilt between Bridgeman of the Flyers and Nystrom of the Islanders. Both are swinging for the fences though, and both land some huge blows. Gotta love those battles from back in the days before all players were required to wear helmets.

9 – Jason Smith vs. Mark Tinordi – A big time tilt between Jason Smith of the Leafs and Mark Tinordi of the Caps. Both land some massive bombs, and Tinordi doesn’t give an inch despite having a broken nose! Definitely one of the top 10 hockey fights of all time.

8 – Bob Probert vs. Tie Domi (round one) – No matter what your opinion of Tie Domi’s fighting prowess you can’t deny one thing: this guy was no coward. Bob Probert might be the toughest guy to ever drop the mitts in the NHL and he had fists like jackhammers. Though Probert would eventually get his revenge, Domi managed to come out on top in this first battle. Probert skates off dripping blood while Domi hams it up for the crowd, wrapping the title belt around his waist.

7 – George McPhee vs. Rick Tocchet – Rick Tocchet of the Flyers and George McPhee of the Rangers put on a great show in this battle royale. The much larger Tocchet throws some haymaker uppercuts, but McPhee gamely stands his ground, firing off a flurry of his own that eventually cuts Tocchet open. The most excited guy in the building turns out to be Glen Hanlon, who is whooping it up on the bench as he taunts Tocchet and whoever else will listen.

6 – Marty McSorley vs. Wendel Clark – An incredible fight that I can still remember clear as day, and an easy candidate for this list of the top 10 NHL hockey fights of all time. After McSorley lays out Toronto Maple Leafs’ star Doug Gilmour at the blue line Wendel Clark comes to his teammate’s aid, and the bout is on. Wendel Clark connects early with a massive shot that buckles McSorley’s knees, but Marty stays in there and mounts a good comeback. Clark is significantly outsized in this fight, but once again proves that pound for pound he is one of the toughest customers to ever play the game.

5 – Stan Jonathan vs. Pierre Bouchard – It was always a brawl when the Canadiens met up with the Bruins, and this time was no different. A helmetless Bouchard throws some huge punches before Jonathan takes him down with some haymakers of his own. Bouchard is cut wide open, and linesman John D’Amico ends up with his face covered in Bouchard’s blood. All that is just the first 30 seconds of this hockey fight video. After that the rest of the line gets into it in a good old fashioned line brawl.

4 – Jamie Macoun vs. Ron Delorme – Not every great fight involves heavyweights, and these two middleweights from Calgary and Vancouver show that they can chuck the knuckles just as ferociously as most of the goons. One of those classic hockey fights where the fighters go toe to toe, neither bothering with defense as they pound away on each other. Ron Delorme gets the bare victory after he nails Macoun with a particularly nasty shot, but credit both men for putting on a show for the ages.

3 – Bob Probert vs. Marty McSorley – Did I mention how tough Bob Probert was? Well, it’s no surprise we’re seeing him again on this list of the top 10 hockey fights of all time (hint: it won’t be his last appearance). The linesmen have a front row seat for this one, as neither one wants to step in between these two bruisers (or were enjoying the show too much to stop the fight). Probert and McSorley hammer away at each other for the better part of two minutes in what must have been an eternity. McSorley goes down early after getting popped by Probert, but much like he did in his fight against Wendel Clark he comes back strong. Both men look thoroughly exhausted, and probably have some pretty healthy respect for one another following this tilt.

2 – P.J. Stock vs. Stephen Peat – Another one of those classic middleweight bouts featuring two guys who refuse to give an inch. I’ve never seen two guys hit each other as many times in rapid succession as Stock and Peat did in this unbelievable 2002 hockey fight. After Stock nails one of his Caps teammates, Stephen Peat jumps on for the next faceoff to take care of business. Stock, 4 inches shorter, and 20 pounds lighter, gives some business of his own back, and after all is said and done, Stock, ever the showman, salutes the crowd for good measure. Classic stuff!

1 – Bob Probert vs. Craig Coxe – Is it any surprise that we see Bob Probert at the number one spot of the top 10 NHL hockey fights of all time? Every time this guy dropped the gloves fans were guaranteed to get their money’s worth for the whole night. Every now and then a heavyweight would come along that could stand toe to toe with Probert, and Craig Coxe of the Vancouver Canucks was definitely one of those guys. Coxe had the upper hand (by a slim margin) in the first half of the fight, but Probert again shows his incredible stamina, coming back strong and eventually scoring the takedown.

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