I finally saw the video footage of Sidney Crosby ball-punching Atlanta’s Boris Valabik, and I’ve got to say it is one of the cheapest things I’ve ever seen watching hockey. Absolutely bizarre that Crosby would be involved in such an incident. It certainly didn’t look like the act of a grown man, let alone one that supposedly follows the hockey code.

Valabik was questioned about the incident and admitted that he didn’t feel anything, but that he felt a little bit embarrassed for Crosby when he watched the replay on video. That’s got to sting Crosby’s pride a bit. Not only does he punch a guy in the nuts from behind, but the recipient doesn’t even feel the blows. Crosby has been on the highlight reel plenty of times in his career, but this is one I bet he wishes the cameraman would have missed. Check out the video footage of Sidney Crosby’s cheapshot on Boris Valabik below: