Thought I’d do a little something on the lighter side today. Instead of the usual “Top ten” list where I count down the merits of various NHL stars, I figured I’d take a look a some current and past NHL players and try to find Hollywood actors who closely resembled them. There really are some uncanny resemblances out there, and one or two of them really look like they could have genuinely been separated at birth. Here are ten that I’ve found for your consideration and (hopefully) your laughter:

John Tortorella and The Fonz

Some claim that Torts actually looks more like Scott Niedermayer (it’s the salt and pepper beard), but I really enjoy this comparison, so I went with Fonzie.

Kelly Hrudey and Val Kimer

Again, Hrudey is one of those guys with multiple clones walking around as I’ve heard it said he also looks like Kurt Russell. The pudgy face and the hair reminds me more of Kilmer though.

Andrei Markov & Rowan Atkinson (AKA Mr. Bean)

Okay, you’ve probably seen this comparison before, but it is too funny to leave off the list. I think it is the sixth inches between their left and right eyes that gives these two their uncanny resemblance.

John LeClair and Scott Bakula
Younger readers are probably scratching their heads wondering who Scott Bakula (and perhaps who John LeClair) is. He was the star of a cool sci-fi show from way back in the day called Quantum Leap. Apparently, he “leaped” to the Philadelphia Flyers to help LeClair turn into a superstar after he was dealt from the Montreal Canadiens.

Jason Blake and Ian Ziering (Steve from Beverly Hills 90210)

Both sporting blindingly blonde hair, bordering on albino and foreheads so high they are bordering on fiveheads, these two look like the spitting image of one another. Hard to imagine Blake with a tan though…

Antoine Vermette and Ashton Kutcher
Aren’t hockey players supposed to be missing teeth and have scars on their faces? How is it that Antoine Vermette of the Columbus Blue Jackets looks like a guy who just walked off the cover of GQ? Maybe he can land a job as a stunt double for Kutcher once his hockey career fizzles out.


Steve Yzerman and James Franco
This one may just be my perception, as I’ve never seen the comparison mentioned anywhere else, but a young Steve Yzerman bears a startling resemblance to James Franco. I tried to find a picture of young Yzerman with his brooding look. I think that would have done the comparison more justice, but the resemblance is still evident (in my opinion).


Pavel Datsyuk and Willem Dafoe
Let’s face it, both of these guys look a little strange. At the very least they look like they could stand to add a few hamburgers to their diets.

Marc-Andre Fleury and Apolo Anton Ohno
Both pretty good on a pair of skates, these two not only bear a striking resemblance to one another it looks like they go to the same stylist as well.

Dave Andreychuk and Chevy Chase
Good evening, I’m Chevy Chase, and you’re not. Or are you? Though the resemblance isn’t always obvious in certain pictures Andreychuk does look an awful lot like Clark Griswold.


Henrik Zetterberg and Jared Leto
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Sure, the other guys on the list resembled each other, but these guys look so much alike they are almost as difficult to tell apart as the Sedin twins are. I guess his movie star looks are what landed Zetterberg his incredibly hot wife 🙂