Mitch Marner Jersey

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About Mitch Marner

Size is, and always has been, a popular commodity in the NHL. It is a violent, physical game and over the years many supremely skilled players were denied the chance to play their trade at the highest level simply by virtue of being too small. However, in some instances the talent level of these diminutive magicians was such that NHL general managers had no choice but to insert them into the lineup. Some couldn’t hack the physical intensity, but others thrived and the annals of NHL history are filled with such players like Wayne Gretzky and Dave Keon, whom conventional wisdom would have deemed too small to play an effective role in this “big man’s” game. Current examples of players that are dominating despite their small stature include Chicago’s Patrick Kane and Calgary’s Johnny Gaudreau. Kane is, in fact, the defending Art Ross and Hart Trophy winner, and Mitch Marner is looking very much like he will follow in the rather giant footsteps of those small men.

Toronto was in an interesting situation with Marner. He’d absolutely dominated at the junior level, and had nothing left to prove with the OHL’s London Knights. Yet, the Leafs didn’t have the option of sending him to their AHL affiliate, the Toronto Marlies, because of the agreement with the CHL that says that CHL-eligible players can’t be sent to the AHL before the age of 20. The solution? Marner stayed with the big club. Early on it appears to have been the right decision as Marner has not looked out of place, and his talent and his high hockey IQ have helped him put up 8 points in his first 11 games. At just 19 years of age Marner looks primed to enjoy a long, fruitful NHL career, and if the Leafs finally end their decades-long Stanley Cup drought you can bet he will play a large role in helping them do so.