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About Jonathan Bernier

Yes, Corey Schneider's path to being a number one goalie in the NHL has been difficult, to say the least. However, Jonathan Bernier is following an eerily similar path to the frustrated Devils' goalie. A former first round draft pick (11th overall) of the Los Angeles Kings, Bernier was expected to be a superstar backstop in the making. However, with the emergence of Jonathan Quick in Los Angeles, Bernier spent the early years of his career riding the pine more often than not, playing just a handful of games each season as he waited for his chance.

As Quick, also a young goalie, continued to excel, it became readily apparent that Bernier would have to move to another team if he ever wanted his chance. In 2013 the Kings granted him his wish, sending him to the Maple Leafs in a deal that saw Ben Scrivens come the other way. Now in Toronto, Bernier finds himself in a better situation, splitting ice time with incumbent James Reimer, yet still unable to fully claim that coveted number one spot as his own.

As time progresses the situation will likely come to a boiling point in Toronto and one has to think that if one goalie is going to move out of Toronto it will ultimately be Reimer. It will be interesting to see what Bernier can do once he finally has the uncontested number one spot to himself.