Joe Sakic’s incredible run of bad luck continues. Already scheduled to be out until sometime in January with a herniated disc in his back, Sakic’s injury woes were compounded in a bizarre snowblower accident.

Sakic managed to break three fingers and also suffered tendon damage in the strange snowblower accident. The injuries were severe enough to require surgery. Andy Parker, the Colorado Avalanche team doctor, said the surgery went well and Sakic should make a full recovery.

This is just the latest in a string of bad luck injuries for Sakic. He injured his back in a weight-lifting accident in early November, has missed time with an infected tooth, and then aggravated his back again in a game against Phoenix.

With the luck Sakic has had this season he should lock himself in his house and not come out until he is ready to get back on the ice. Hopefully Joe will come back stronger than ever, and will be able to play a full season next year.