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About Jarome Iginla

Not very many months ago it seemed impossible to envision Jarome Iginla in any other jersey than a Calgary Flames or Team Canada sweater. Now, with training camps just around the corner, Iginla is set to don his second American-based NHL team jersey in the last few months. Iginla was first dealt to the Pittsburgh Penguins prior to the NHL's trade deadline, going to that club to help them with their playoff run. Ironically it was the Boston Bruins that ended Iggy and the Penguins' run, derailing the former Flames' dream of a Stanley Cup for at least one more year. Adding to the irony of this signing is the fact that Iginla had apparently nixed a deal between the Flames and Bruins, asking to instead be dealt to the Penguins. That decision, once revealed, earned him plenty of derision from Bruins' fans. However, now that he is set to don a Bruins' jersey you can bet any previous ill will felt by fans will be a thing of the past.

At 36 years of age Iginla's best years are likely behind him. For further evidence of this one need just look at the list of players that were invited to Team Canada's orientation camp. Iginla was conspicuously absent after being a central figure in the last three Winter Olympic Games. It would be unreasonable for fans to expect him to hit the lofty heights in goals and points that he posted in his glory years in Calgary. Still, Iginla remains good enough to be a solid second line addition, and certainly wouldn't look out of place on a first line if called upon to fill that role. His physical style will fit in nicely with the truculence of the Bruins, and his natural scoring ability and his willingness to go to the hard areas should see him be a boon to the Bruins' inconsistent powerplay.