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More about Jamie Benn

One of the best young power forwards in the game today, Jamie Benn has proven to be an absolute steal for the Dallas Stars who selected him in the 5th round, 129th overall in the 2007 NHL Draft. At 6’2″ and 203 lbs, Benn looks like an average sized forward on paper, however he plays bigger than those numbers indicate, looking like a hulk on the ice as he bears down on defenders.

Benn has sublime hands and his shooting accuracy is unerring. Though not known as a pure sniper in the mold of a guy like Steven Stamkos, Benn is definitely a pure goal scorer and there is little doubt he will improve on the career high 26 goals he scored in the 2011-12 season.

Though he is a high end offensive player, Benn certainly doesn’t shy away from the physical aspect of the game. He is willing to throw his body around on the forecheck, though has less opportunity to do so ever since he was moved from the wing to center. He also is not adverse to dropping the mitts, as evidenced by his recent tilt with San Jose Sharks superstar Joe Thornton.

As you can see Jamie Benn is the complete package. The Dallas Stars apparently agree, having recently rewarded Benn with a 5 year 26.25 million dollar deal. With such a financial commitment on just his second contract it is obvious they believe Jamie Benn is no flash in the pan, and they hope he will be cornerstone of their franchise for years to come.