Chris Neil is one of the most devastating hitters in the NHL, no doubt about it. Don’t believe me? Just ask Nick Foligno. Foligno was the unfortunate and unintended recipient of a thundering Chris Neil bodycheck last night in the game between the Ottawa Senators and the New Jersey Devils. No, Neil is not colorblind. He was actually lining up New Jersey Devil Andy Greene along the side boards. Greene saw Neil coming and managed to mostly avoid the collision. Foligno, just behind Greene, wasn’t so fortunate, taking the full force of Neil’s formidable hitting prowess. He lay in a heap on the ice while David Clarkson of the New Jersey Devils challenged Neil to a fight. Obviously Clarkson was responding to Neil’s intent, rather than the result of the bodycheck, as Clarkson’s teammate Greene was unhurt. Check out the video of Neil’s hit on Foligno and the Neil vs Clarkson fight below:

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