Update: Kris Versteeg has been suspended one game as a result of his actions in last night’s game. Coach Joel Quenneville has been fined $10,000

With the Chicago Blackhawks 7-1 drubbing of the Phoenix Coyotes last night things were bound to get a little out of hand. However it wasn’t the team goons going at it late in the game last night, but rather a couple of rookies. Kyle Turris of the Phoenix Coyotes and Kris Verteeg of Chicago dropped the mitts last night and had a pretty good tilt. Surprisingly, considering the score, it is the Chicago Blackhawks who are facing disciplinary action over the incident. Versteeg was assessed an instigator penalty for starting the fight, and under NHL rules could face a 1 game suspension for instigating a fight in the final five minutes of a game. In addition Chicago coach, Joel Quenneville could be assessed a $10,000 fine. The NHL is currently reviewing the incident and will make their ruling today.

Though Joel Quenneville will no doubt be impressed by the sandpaper shown by his rookie, I don’t imagine he’ll be too happy if that sandpaper winds up costing him ten grand. 🙂