Quite a game between the Washington Capitals and the Nashville Predators last night. Plenty of hits, fights, and a little overtime drama to cap it off. Washington tough guy Donald Brashear had the worst night of anybody out there though. First he got crushed by a massive hit by Nashville’s angry little wrecking ball, Jordin Tootoo (who then went on to destroy Matt Bradley in a scrap), and then he got into a dust-up with Nashville’s heavyweight, Wade Belak. The fight looked like it might be a good old fashioned toe to toe battle for about the first 5 seconds, then Belak landed a hard left squarely on Brashear’s chin, and Brashear’s legs just folded up under him. Belak showed some mercy and let up, and showed more class than Brashear normally does by not dusting off his hands afterwards. Can’t remember ever seeing Brashear lose a fight so convincingly. Hopefully it will teach him a little humility and some respect for his fellow pugilists.

Check out the video footage of the Brashear Belak fight below. I’ve also thrown up the Jordin Tootoo Matt Bradley scrap as well.

Donald Brashear vs. Wade Belak

Jordin Tootoo vs. Matt Bradley