Sidney Crosby has been one frustrated hockey player over the past few weeks, so it wasn’t terribly surprising to see him lose his cool, and jump Brett McLean, taking the second fighting major of his career. Sidney Crosby’s second fight went a little better than his first one as he managed to haul McLean’s jersey over his head and feed him a few solid punches. Although, to be fair to McLean it didn’t look like he was prepared to fight. Crosby pretty much suckered him right off the faceoff, and before McLean could even get set Crosby had the jersey over, and was already feeding him a steady diet of punches.

The Crosby fight comes on the heels of his recent cheap shot on Atlanta Thrashers tough guy Boris Valabik. It is a disturbing trend for Crosby, who should be channeling that anger to punish his opponents on the scoreboard. This guy isn’t Jarome Iginla or Vincent Lecavalier. He should stick to what he does best: setting up his teammates for easy goals. I guess with his recent inability to do that he has decided he should start contributing other ways. However, I don’t think his teammates are going to be too inspired if he keeps up these cheapshots. Check out the video of the Sidney Crosby Brett McLean fight below: