Just a little humor to lighten your otherwise dreary Monday morning. This video footage comes from a game that took place this past Saturday between Rask’s Providence Bruins and the Albany River Rats. The game went to a shootout that culminated in a River Rats victory and a Tuukka Rask meltdown. When Albany shooter Jakub Petruzalek skated in, lost control of the puck, sauntered over to collect it again, paused for a second and then finally fired the puck past Rask you could tell that Rask was stunned and upset that the ref called it a good goal. Things went from bad to worse for Rask when Albany’s Harrison Reed came in and fired the puck upstairs. The puck came out so fast that Rask thought it hit the crossbar. When the ref again called it a good goal, Rask went off slamming his stick into the boards, then hurling it across the ice. He wasn’t quite done though. He then proceeded down the player’s tunnel where he found a milk crate. Rask grabbed the milk crate and threw it onto the ice as well before finally making his exit.

Check out the video of Tuukka Rask losing his temper below: