There have been some strange incidents in the NHL in the past few days. First we see Sidney Crosby jump Brett McLean, then we witness Alexander Semin try and play the bongos on Marc Staal’s face. However, not to be outdone, superpest Jarkko Ruutu was involved in an even more bizarre incident tonight as his Senators faced the Sabres. Ruutu apparently took exception to Andrew Peters giving him a facewash, so he chomped down on Peters’ hand. Peters still had his glove on, but apparently Jarkko bit down hard because you can see the surprise and pain on Peters’ face, and he immediately drops the glove and wrings his hand.

Peters was interviewed about the biting incident after the game, and was justifiably irked, stating that he hadn’t seen anything like that since the Tyson Holyfield fight, and that the league would be looking at the incident.

As for Ruutu, who knows what was going on in his head. Was the bite purely reactionary, or is he trying to fill the shoes of Sean Avery as the NHL’s new most hated player? At least Ruutu keeps his shenanigans on the ice, but if he keeps pulling stunts like this one it won’t be long before the NHL’s disciplinarians straighten him out.

Here is the video of Jarkko Ruutu biting Andrew Peters: