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About James Reimer

One of the most underrated goaltenders in the NHL today, James Reimer just can't seem to get any respect from fans, media or his coaches. Case in point - last season Reimer had a 19-8-5 record with four shutouts and a sparkling .924 save percentage. Yet those impressive stats still weren't enough to instill confidence in management, prompting them to make a deal with the Los Angeles Kings to bring in goaltender Jonathan Bernier to challenge for the number one spot between the pipes in Toronto.

This year Reimer's save percentage has improved to .931, despite facing a barrage of shots on most nights, yet he still is considered by many to be 1B in the depth chart to Bernier's 1A. For now, the Leafs seem content with this two goaltender system, however you have to think that Reimer is eventually going to want out of town. A two goaltender system doesn't work well in today's NHL - Carey Price & Jaroslav Halak in Montreal or Roberto Luongo & Corey Schneider in Vancouver attest to that. Hopefully the Leafs make the right choice. Reimer is a great goalie, and wherever he ends up you can bet he will be a star.