Wow, $100 million doesn't buy you much these days does it? Not only are the Devils mired near the bottom of the league this season after signing Kovalchuk to a monstrous contract, but the Russian sniper has been largely ineffectual. So far he's managed just 3 goals and 8 points in 15 games, and you can see his confidence slipping with each game that goes by. That lack of confidence was in clear evidence last night against the Sabres. With the game tied after 65 minutes and Kovalchuk needing to score in the shootout to keep his team's hopes alive, the struggling star pulled one of the biggest boners in the NHL's short shootout history. This might not dethrone Dennis Wideman's ugly shootout attempt from a few years ago, but considering the talent level of the guy making the attempt it definitely needs to get an honorable mention.

Video of Kovalchuk's Shootout Fail Below: